We’re going to Finland soon! Our fantastic friends of The Pythagoras celebrate the release of their brand new Black Stone EP with a one-week tour through Finland – and we are with them all the way! Right now we’re preparing for the tour. The band is tight and we have packed many a song, both old and brand new. Rumor has it we might even get our fifteen minutes of fame on the finnish radio if we’re not careful… ;) See you when we get back!



Dear Friends of the MarcusAuerbachTrio – Christmas is upon us and the new year isn’t far. Time for a little looking back on what great things have happened to us this year! We are blessed to have our dear colleague Joseph Conrad back on the bass – he is an integral part of this band and we are happy that his path has led him back to Germany (and us :) ). August was the high point of the year: our dear friends The Pythagoras from Finland were in Berlin and we played a tour together with them and quite a few of our friends that led us all the way to Heeselicht in Saxony. We finally got around to celebrating our Record Release properly and celebrate we did: with the release of yet another record, the single ‘Faithful’ (available for free on our website under ‘Media’)! And we made a line of Fan-Accessoires (T-Shirts, Bags, Posters) to further celebrate our Rock’n Rollness. :) All the while we were very happy to have a reliable and smooth-working webpage such as this. Sweeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeet.

2013 will be an exciting year for us: we are constantly evolving our sound and there are some fine new songs on the way to your ears! The coming year will also see us on stage far more often than this one did. We might even make our way waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay up north some time next year… ;)

We are a very grateful band, blessed with great friends and phenomenal fans! So we’d like to take a moment to tell you who some of the most important people are in our universe and what it is that they do. In no particular order:

Britta Wartke (Design), Fred Pollex (Website), Oxana Zabroi (Photography), David Ulbrich (Photography), Tom ‘Fountainhead‘ Geldschläger (Producer of our Kitchen Sink Anomaly EP), Jens Guettes (Mastering) and our dear friend Corinna Schlachter who helped us with too many things to list them all, but most importantly with designing our bandlogo and the CD-inlay for our ‘Faithful’ single.

The MarcusAuerbachTrio says Thank You to you all! Have a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

Marcus, Christoph and Joseph



It is the Hot Wine Punch, that binds us! Today we announce this year’s last AuerbachTrio concert! On December 21st we will play at the notorious Hot Wine Punch Concert at the Anna Landsberger Club in Berlin! And we are not alone – four bands will play that evening and our ranks will be joined by our dear friend and fabulous singer songwriter Pam. Christoph and I had the distinct pleasure of performing with Pam on various occasions throughout the year and so it is only fitting that we join forces for this particularly festive evening and play for you a set comprised of both Trio-and Pam-songs. And if all that was not enough there will be free Hot Wine Punch as long as supplies last. Now if that ain’t something, i don’t know what is! ;)



It is with great pleasure, that we can announce our bassplayer Joseph’s return from spain! Our trio is now complete and in action again. But there is more! During Joseph’s absence we have not been standing still: around christmas last year we recorded a new song for your listening pleasure. And with that we are happy to announce the release of the ‘Faithful’ single here on our site! Just click the download-link to the right and you will be taken to our download page. There just follow the instructions.
Such news calls for celebration and celebrate we will! On the 11th of August we will play a record release show at Club Linse near the S-trainstation Frankfurter Allee. On that occasion we will be backed up by our friends from Finnish blues-and rocktrio ‘The Pythagoras’ who are playing several shows in Germany right now – for the first time in two years! The concert on the 11th will mark the end of said tour. Kicking off the evening is Berlin-based singer/songwriter Henrik Käthe – and we are very proud to have him!

The record release show will see some surprises and a lot of great people. We are looking forward to seeing you there! – MAT

P.S.: We have updated the cover art for our ‘Kitchen Sink Anomaly’ EP. It is also available for download from our download site at no cost (link to the right). Grab it if you haven’t and let us know what you think on our Facebook-page!




…aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaand we’re off to Christmas-land! :) This will be 2011′s final newspost here so we’d  like to take a moment to wish you all a Merry Christmas and a very Happy New Year! It’s been a tremendous year for us. We’ve made great experiences and friends and have had quite a few very memorable concerts for which we’d like to thank you all! Have a safe jouney over to 2012 where we’ll meet again – in song, on stage and in person. Until then: All the best! – MAT



The 26th of November draws closer and with it our unplugged concert at the Café Mirabelle in Pankow. We are very much looking forward to be reunited with our fabulous bassist Joseph who travels all the way from Spain to Berlin just for this occasion. Also the night will be opened by our dear friend Tobias Marx who will perform a couple of songs from his new solo-bass project ‘Seratus‘. If you want a guaranteed place to sit, you will have to make a reservation. Those who don’t like to dwell on such things can always just drop by… ;) We’ll see you at the concert – Marcus




We have worked long and hard, invested blood, sweat and tears and have had support by good friends, old and new alike. And now it is finally done: our new website and our first EP, ‘The Kitchen Sink Anomaly’ have been released!

We’d like to extend our gratitude to all involved, especially: Tom ‘Fountainhead’ Geldschläger (producer), Jens Guettes (mastering), Fred Pollex (website), Britta Wartke (design), Oxana Zabroi (photography) and Sarah Lotte Schueppler (Vocals on ‘Beautiful Drifter’). We very much enjoyed working with all of you and hope that this was only the beginning of a creative and fruitful working relationship.

And all you good people out there – YOU are the reason why we are doing all of this, so have fun here and at our shows, follow us on Facebook and spread the word! We’ll do our best to entertain you and start by making the ‘Kitchen Sink Anomaly’ available free of charge on our downloadpage! : )

Godspeed – Marcus, Joseph and Christoph

Copyright 2011 by Marcus Auerbach Trio